RW2 Bright

RW2 Bright

RW2 cutlery has soft concave detailing on each handle. The design is an updated version of Robert Welch's Alveston cutlery, first released in 1962. Spoons and forks are made using the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. Knife blades are made from specially hardened stainless steel to provide the finest possible cutting edge.

RW2 Bright Table Knife

product id: ROBBR1001L


RW2 Bright Table Fork

product id: ROBBR1002L


RW2 Bright Soup Spoon

product id: ROBBR1003L


RW2 Bright Side Knife

product id: ROBBR1004L


RW2 Bright Side Fork

product id: ROBBR1005L


RW2 Bright Dessert Spoon

product id: ROBBR1006L


RW2 Bright English Tea Spoon

product id: ROBBR1007L


RW2 Bright Coffee Spoon

product id: ROBBR1008L


RW2 Bright V Coffee Spoon 8P

product id: ROBBR1008V/8


RW2 Bright Steak Knife

product id: ROBBR1012L


RW2 Bright V Steak Knife 4P

product id: ROBBR1012V/4


RW2 Bright Fish Knife

product id: ROBBR1020L


RW2 Bright Fish Fork

product id: ROBBR1021L


RW2 Bright Long Handled Tea Spoon

product id: ROBBR1025L


RW2 Bright V Long Handled Tea Spoon 4P

product id: ROBBR1025V/4


RW2 Bright Butter Blade

product id: ROBBR1033L


RW2 Bright Pastry Fork

product id: ROBBR1034L


RW2 Bright Serving Spoon

product id: ROBBR1050L


RW2 Bright Serving Fork

product id: ROBBR1053L


RW2 Bright Sauce Ladle

product id: ROBBR1056L


RW2 Bright V Sauce Ladle

product id: ROBBR1056V


RW2 Bright Salad Serving Spoon

product id: ROBBR1057L


RW2 Bright Salad Serving Fork

product id: ROBBR1058L


RW2 Bright Soup Ladle

product id: ROBBR1059L


RW2 Bright V Soup Ladle

product id: ROBBR1059V


RW2 Bright Childs Knife

product id: ROBBR1071L


RW2 Bright Childs Fork

product id: ROBBR1072L


RW2 Bright Childs Spoon

product id: ROBBR1073L


RW2 Bright V Childs Set

product id: ROBBR1080V/4


RW2 Bright V Fish Eaters 4P

product id: ROBBR1084V/4


RW2 Bright V Salad Servers

product id: ROBBR1086V


RW2 Bright V Serving Set 3P

product id: ROBBR1088V/3


RW2 Bright V 16 Piece Set

product id: ROBBR1099V/16


RW2 Bright V 24 Piece Set

product id: ROBBR1099V/24


RW2 Bright V 42 Piece Set

product id: ROBBR1099V/42


RW2 Bright V 56 Piece Set

product id: ROBBR1099V/56


RW2 Bright V 84 Piece Set

product id: ROBBR1099V/84