Bud Bright

Bud Bright

Bud cutlery has a slender handled design which curves elegantly into the palm of the hand. Spoons and forks are made using the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. Knife blades are made from specially hardened stainless steel to provide the finest possible cutting edge.

Bud Bright Table Knife

product id: BUDBR1001L


Bud Bright Table Fork

product id: BUDBR1002L


Bud Bright Soup Spoon

product id: BUDBR1003L


Bud Bright Side Knife

product id: BUDBR1004L


Bud Bright Side Fork

product id: BUDBR1005L


Bud Bright Dessert Spoon

product id: BUDBR1006L


Bud Bright English Tea Spoon

product id: BUDBR1007L


Bud Bright Coffee Spoon

product id: BUDBR1008L


Bud Bright V Coffee Spoon 8P

product id: BUDBR1008V/8


Bud Bright Steak Knife

product id: BUDBR1012L


Bud Bright V Steak Knife 4P

product id: BUDBR1012V/4


Bud Bright Mini Fork

product id: BUDBR1014L


Bud Bright Fish Knife

product id: BUDBR1020L


Bud Bright Fish Fork

product id: BUDBR1021L


Bud Bright Long Handled Tea Spoon

product id: BUDBR1025L


Bud Bright V Long Handled Tea Spoon 4P

product id: BUDBR1025V/4


Bud Bright Butter Knife

product id: BUDBR1030L


Bud Bright Serving Spoon

product id: BUDBR1050L


Bud Bright Serving Fork

product id: BUDBR1053L


Bud Bright V Fish Eaters 4P

product id: BUDBR1084V/4


Bud Bright V Serving Set 3P

product id: BUDBR1088V/3


Bud Bright V 16 Piece Set

product id: BUDBR1099V/16


Bud Bright V 24 Piece Set

product id: BUDBR1099V/24


Bud Bright V 42 Piece Set

product id: BUDBR1099V/42


Bud Bright V 56 Piece Set

product id: BUDBR1099V/56


Bud Bright V 84 Piece Set

product id: BUDBR1099V/84